Winter in Tacoma

Winter season in Tacoma is not so hard, and the temberature usually keeps being above 0 degree Celsius, but anyway, it is advised to prepare your car for it, and check some key points on it. Your car, no metter how old, obligately needs to be prepared for low outside temperature. Many people find car preparation for winter season hard work, relaying on the fact that in the city, there is snow only a few days a year. This is absolutely wrong access, and might cause bad car condition, or even harm your travel safety. Financial factor can not be excuse, because single car accident may cost more than complete preparation of your car for winter. Here are some tips to help you and your beloved four wheel survive another moderate Tacoma winter.

 Windshield washer fluid
Visibility is very important safety factor, so inappropriate windshield wash fluid could lead you into danger. You can check the quality of it easily, by taking small volume of it in one plastic cup and place it in your home freezer. If it freezes, it means that it would not clean windshield properly, and it will probably freeze inside pipes, which will make those pipes crach and leak.


Wipers are important for the same reason as wash fluid. In winter time they damage often, especially in the temperature goes below 0 degrees Celsius. Before starting wipers, make sure you remove all the ice and snow from your windshield and then start wipers. There are some products for lubricating windshield against icing, altough cardboard or old blanket will be helpful too.

Windshield fogging
Beside regular cleaning of outside of the windshield, it is necessarily to clean inside surface of it. Smear it with some antifog product from car shop, or just use lemon juice instead. Use specialized rags for smearing, you can find it in every car shop.

 Coolant / antifreeze
Everybody knows that seasonably coolant replacement is important, but still, many people delay it for more than three years. First step is to unload old colling fluid and then fill the system with new one, compatible with radiator of your vehicle, because aluminium car radiators require special type of coolant. Never mix two types of coolant, if you are not sure, it it advised to unload it all and fill it completely with new one.


– Check the battery
Low temperatures greatly influence on battery behaviour, so in the winter wime it requires some aditional care. Claen up the terminals on cables, using sandpaper, knife or hard steel brush, you can cover it with grease to protect it from humidity. Load some distilled water up to marked level. If your car is about to be parked for a long time, it is advised to remove the battery from it and place it to a warmy spot.

– Corrosion and varnish protection
Check out the entire metalware of your car, and find any damage before salt does. If you are not able to handle the care for it to professional staff, try out the waxing system for varnish protection. Clean up your car detaily, and start waxing procedure after it dries completely.

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